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Your input matters to us! We want to bring a variety of concerts and events to Terre Haute for people in our community and the surrounding areas to enjoy. The Mill Terre Haute is a concert venue, but we are also a community venue. As we continue to grow, we need continued support to bring the best entertainment possible to Terre Haute. There are so many talented groups, and as we plan out each year, we would love to hear what you want to hear! If you have a suggestion for a band you'd like to see, or if you are interested in booking at The Mill Terre Haute, please fill out the contact form and include links to your content. Those links may include your website, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel. Your suggestions will be noted and if we're interested in further discussions, we will be in touch.

Got an idea that's outside the box? The Mill Terre Haute is always open to suggestions. Share your ideas for a variety of entertainment we can bring to Terre Haute. Be sure to stay up to date on the latest concert and entertainment at The Mill Terre Haute by doing our mailing list. Thank you for your continued support!

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